7 Ways to Use a Single Property Website
to Help Your Real Estate Business

Many more uses than to just sell a listing....

Have you ever used a single property website to help you market a listing? 

Single property websites can help you to maximize the exposure for each listing, and give buyers full access to complete, comprehensive information, immediately. 

But not all property website solutions are the same. There are many solutions out there that will pull all of the data from the MLS, display it in a templated, non-customizable webpage that does allow you to make many edits.  What perception does this give to potential buyers, when the description is abbreviated, perhaps in ALL CAPS, and has only a few photos?

A Single Property Website (an SPW) isn't a new concept in real estate to assist in the selling of a listing.  SPWs have been around for at least 10 years, and the concept has been embraced by many, and brushed aside by others.  Perhaps it is because they just don't understand the many uses a SPW can have for an Agent or Broker.  The value of an SPW goes way beyond that of just selling a property. 

Here are 7 ways a Single Property Website can be utilized in your real estate business.


1. Win business at a listing appointment

When you are meeting with potential sellers, you want to stand out.  What better than to come with a single property website already build for their home?  It shows them that you are already thinking about how to market their home, and that their property is special enough for its own website.  You can win them over with this simple and easy gesture that says "I am already working for YOU!"

2. Build a strong list of potential buyers and sellers

This use of a SPW is my favorite, because it really takes your marketing to the next level.  At your next Open House, upon greeting the visitors and neighbors who have come to see the home, tell them that you will send them a link to a website just for this property, so they can revisit all the beautiful features of the home after they have left.  Ask them to provide their name and email on a landing page on a tablet or your phone, and when they get home, the link will be in their email.  Use a system like Active Campaign or Mailchimp to automate this process, and you will be well on your way to building a strong list.  You can then send emails to your new contacts, reminding them of your expertise on the area, and how you can help them buy or sell their next home. 


3. Easy posting on Facebook to be seen and shared

It can be a pain to post a listing on Facebook.  Uploading photos, adding a description, price.  With no call to action, what is someone supposed to do with this info? 

With an SPW, all you have to do is write a short headline that will catch your viewers attention, like "Mountain Views like you've never seen.  I'd live here, would you?" and then add the direct link to your SPW.  Facebook's software will pull a great photo from the website and make a beautiful display that is clickable right to the SPW.  It takes 1 minute, and BAM, your have a Facebook post that looks great and is easy for your friends and fans to share. 

Your SPW has all of YOUR contact info, and visitors will not be distracted by any other agents or listings like they would if you reposted a Zillow or Realtor.com link.  So you are not only getting exposure for your listing, but promoting yourself as an active, knowledgeable Agent.

4. Link to it in your email signature, or send an email campaign

We all get oodles of emails every day.  Email is the number one method of communication.  So why not use it to promote your listings and yourself.  Place a link in the signature of your email to view your Featured Listing, and link to your SPW. Rotate your listings if you have more than one.  Most agents have an email list that you send notifications and announcements to.  Blast out an email to your SOI with a link and your SPW is an instant landing page for that listing, as well as a contact form for you.


5. Increase the chances of higher ranking in Google

Because an SPW is a stand alone website, it has higher potential for search engines to find, scan and rank the website better than a listing that is part of a database of multiple listings.  The content on the website, if peppered with keywords that might be searched by those interested in certain neighborhoods, features or schools, will assist in placing your SPW in searches for those keywords.

In addition, all of your SPW's can link to each other and back to your own website. This can help each listing's website gain page rank and become more visible in the search engine page results. This can also boost your personal and company websites' search engine rankings, since there are many websites that link back to it.

6. Make buyers feel that the property is extra special

If you are helping someone find that perfect dream home, and you show them a property that has its very own website, they are going to feel that this home must be something special to have its own website that is professional, luxurious and gives extra special attention to the details of the home, provides amazing images, and perhaps even a video tour.  Your buyers will be more inclined toward seeing a property with an SPW, and making you look like the hero.

Oak Lane Single Property Websites

7. Promote yourself as a Neighborhood Expert

You can include information about the neighborhood that your listings are in and show yourself to be a true expert in the area.  Include info on local events, schools, shops and restaurants.  This level of attention that you put into making sure potential buyers have all the information about an area could just spur future business sent your way.  Everyone wants to work with an expert.


In conclusion, there are so many more uses of a single property website then most agents can even imagine.  By putting on your creative thinking cap, I bet you could think of even more effective ways a single property website could help your real estate business.



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